Organic Vegetable Garden and Animals

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Organic Vegetable Garden and Animals


As well as being a useful place to produce good genuine food  for our guests the vegetable garden is an opportunity to go beyond the products to rediscover activities that reconnect us with the primordial nature of things. The earth returns to playing the part of the mother and we, as her children are allowed to enjoy its fruits and flavours by leaving behind any formalities that could distract us from this pleasure.


The owner selects and plants indigenous plant varieties that have survived the standardisation of markets. There are ancient varieties here such as yellow tomatoes, the almost extinct carota bastoncello “rod shaped carrot”, yellow zucchini and succulent fruits such as “ox muzzle” apples, “drunken” pears, “Saturn peaches” and casolana apples.


Without damaging the sanctity of the place, we often search for fresh fruits to eat straight off the tree, to savour the intense and intriguing aromas and the incredible flavours.


Free from chemical substances and cultural practices that could upset its natural balance our organic vegetable garden is our pride and joy and our greenhouse makes it possible to extend this privilege even in the winter months. Earth as the antithesis and harmony with the sky. Us along with you unrepentant users of this splendid combination


Our animals

We have never followed the dichotomy that divides animals into “pets” and “farm animals”. We consider animals as our beloved companions in life in the beautiful setting of our farm. We believe that animals should be seen this way regardless of our tastes and eating habits and our and their dignity should be protected .

As a result, at Villa Ferraia we have created spaces for the animals that have accompanied and lived with man for centuries, ensuring them a more than satisfactory life. They are the not the only ones benefiting from all of this, we do too, through this relationship with animals we have the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with our humanity.


Even relating just visually with donkeys, mules, sheep, calves and goats not only helps us to understand there are other wavelengths and ways of perceiving the world, but also to relate with them and experience unexpected enrichment and joy.