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We have principles that guide our daily life and work.

Not let oneself be dominated by negotium at all costs: work, stress, frenzy, business and a race against time are not permitted.

We want to provide real hospitality for those looking to get away from everyday life, we want to please guests and satisfy their desires and needs because we want them to experience the unique atmosphere of this place, discover and enjoy all the beauties around.  
Villa Ferraia also follows a principle of discretion because we are convinced that guests can reach a state of harmony only if they feel protected and away from prying eyes and unwanted intruders. This is the reason that those looking for discretion and privacy can find many private places here.

Dialogue, meet, confront and discuss.  A stay in Villa Ferraia can be a human and cultural experience and mutual exchange of emotions, ideas and information. A meeting of different ways and worlds that can enrich everyone. Communal areas stimulate encounters, conviviality and exchanges between guests; the sauna and the pool are places to relax and detoxify; nature and stars are ways to remain in contact with a bigger world.

There are other “ethical values” that become real here: here you can see for yourself environmental sustainability and the use of alternative energy, such as solar panels, photovoltaic cells and wood chip biomass heating. You can eat locally sourced and home-made produce: go to the vegetable garden and pick fruit and vegetables, prepare sauces and pick aromatic herbs.

Finally, we have a dream that we like to share with our guests: the revenge of the countryside over urban spaces. The town square for centuries was the vital heart where culture developed, today however there are paid car parks in many town squares. We need to create new aggregative and creative spaces and we are convinced that this new ideal cannot be separated from nature and the relationship we have with our roots.