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Living in the villa

We live near Villa Ferraia. It is not the result of an entrepreneurial vision but a wonderful place that was bought to live in. We are Vittorio, half Sicilian and half Tuscan, Patrizia, pure Sienese, our second child Anna, a real “daughter” of Villa Ferraia who takes care of the front office, and Angelo, who takes care of the gardens and maintenance.

In an age where emigration from the countryside to the city was rife, many years ago we chose the opposite route. We combined our knowledge of the city and the countryside in an attempt to speak not only of the past, but the present and future as well.

The ancient agreement between man and the earth that has persisted for centuries has been destabilized by the events of the last 50 years. Too many changes too quickly have not been processed completely.

Our family spends all their energy to defend this place, to preserve its harmony and maintain its identity, life and soul and we work together to develop a new more modern concept of Tuscan essence and hospitality.