The garden and the pools

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The garden and the pools

Villa Ferraia is surrounded by a large private park that is an intermediary area between the historical building and the surrounding area. Atmosphere, lights, colours aromas and sounds. The landscape extends to valleys and hills as far as the eye can see. The park is forested, dotted with clearings of enchanted beauty and with streams rocks and coves. The park provides total privacy which is helped by the fact that the entire area is surrounded by a large fence.

In a place where nature prevails we dared to introduce patterns that recall the concept of an Italian garden that appears to be formal, yet tends towards surprise and mystery. The air is permeated by the fragrance of the many varieties of old roses that fill the air as well as the sound of the wind and the animals that make their home in a place where the noise of the outside world rarely enters. Pursuing and enjoying them all often turns into an exciting game that involves not only the body, but above all the spirit and the soul.


Water is a primordial element that could not be left out at Villa Ferraia. Its role is both important aesthetically as well as for keeping cool in the summer time. To fulfil this task there is our very large infinity pool with salt purification and three pools heated by solar panels that overlook the valley below that is dominated by the Villa.

Water, that gushes abundantly from a nearby spring in addition to feeding the pools also feeds small artificial lakes that often host migratory birds that stop here to refuel just as the semi-wild animals do that we raise here on the farm.

Next to the large swimming pool that measures 10 by 20 metres, guests can find a soft lawn and a solarium where it is easy to start or finish the long and complex path that enhances the ancient roman ritual of otium.

With and in the water, we can find ourselves and even more so we can communicate with the world around us thanks perhaps to the collective memory that it holds and transports around with it everywhere. If we allow this to happen we will have used the time we have at our disposal to the full.