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Rediscovering the four primordial elements starts with air. Our astronomical observatory, with its technical-scientific equipment and the very low light pollution in this area, is the ideal place to detach ourselves from the normal perception of space and time and to enter another one where its relativity will help us to experience “the sweet shipwreck” in a sea of infinite vastness and beauty.

It is not difficult to leave behind the ideas we have when we first come into contact with the sky because the awareness that is in all of us reawakens, always ready to remind us that we are an integral part of an immense universe.

On request we can also organise one of our "Star Parties, food and wine tastings combined with star gazing. Sparkling wines have the same sparkles as star clusters, red wines have the fullness of planets while white wines can be found among the rings of Saturn. The “milky way” event relates to locally produced dairy products and the “from rags to riches" event showcases all the locally produced pork products (including our own).

Everything accompanied by music, landscapes, art and a beautiful starry sky explained by our astronomer.  The atmosphere created leads us to match flavours to our memories and let our imagination run wild: playing on the word "g-astronomy" speaks volumes on the subject.

Technical Information

Far away from the visual pollution of the city the astronomical observatory at Villa Ferraia, located on a hill at an altitude of 350 m above sea level is surrounded by woods. From this vantage point we can gaze at the sky using a superb professional telescope: a Meade LX 200 R14'' f/10.