Introspection and silence

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Introspection and silence

Obtaining total silence is impossible because there will always be the song of a bird, the rustling of the wind through the trees, or the distant mating call of a deer in love. We believe however that the endless and harmonious musicality and tranquility of these hills can help a person find that inner silence that all of us desire to safeguard in our souls.

It can seem like a paradox to put the activity of introspection and listening to one’s own silence on the list of possible activities, but this is not a joke. This is actually one of the activities that best express the essence and the magical power of our Villa.

In the autumn or winter, more so than in the summer, all of nature is introverted; it closes gently and seems to want to suggest to us or facilitate the search for intimacy within ourselves. To dedicate time to listening to this whisper, for a length of time that can be shorter or longer and more or less organized, is without a doubt a huge gift that we can give to ourselves.

We happily count this activity as an asset to our property and as an essential ingredient in the experience that we offer. The last line from the poem L’Infinito by Giacomo Leopardi comes to mind “…And to drown in this sea is sweet to me”.