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Interaction with our animals

For thousands of years animals have accompanied man and given and received sustenance. When we speak about natural environments we often limit the meaning to the aesthetic aspect forgetting the fact that human settlements, inserted into natural environments, have domesticated animals as protagonists as well.

Unfortunately, this symbiotic equilibrium has been broken for some time. Animals once found in every courtyard are now confined to industrial farming enterprises that surely contemporary man cannot be proud of. It has become more difficult, if not impossible, to live the sensations of a more archaic daily life in which humans were able to slowly achieve a reciprocal trust with animals through daily contact.

Here at the Villa we have striven to keep this connection alive, which is why it is possible to find animals such as chickens, sheep, donkeys, mules, pigs, and cows who are not afraid of humans and who roam semi-freely on our land.

When we propose to our guests activities in close proximity with our animals we often get reactions of surprise or disbelief, perhaps due to the difficulty of imagining that this is a real activity. Without necessarily going so far as to call what we do pet therapy, a familiarity with these animals can yield in even a short amount of time unexpected surprises and become a daily necessity. In any case, the activity can be customized based on the preferences and wishes of our clients, with a possibility to be able to feed and take care of the animals during different times of their daily schedule.

We can organize one, two, or many days dedicated to this activity, or instead, following the philosophy of our winter offer, we can leave it up to our animals to tell us when and how they will interact with the Villa guests. In this way, we can take advantage of unexpected occasions such as a birth, a veterinarian visit, or other moments during the daily life of our animals, as well as the daily feeding routine.