Cultivating the organic garden

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Cultivating the organic garden

Villa Ferraia has a large, varied, and colorful organic vegetable garden that is lovingly cultivated . We dedicate special care to our garden because we think of it as a sacred space. It gives us great pleasure to celebrate and share the experience of not only enjoying the produce grown, but if desired, taking part in tending to the garden.

The vegetable garden is a place that is always accessible, a perfect refuge for special moments or as a guardian of emotions that take us back to childhood when a beanstalk could take Jack up to the sky. Our garden can therefore be a place to simply come by for a look, but also can become a short or long stopover to learn about vegetables and the secrets they hold. At the edge of our vegetable garden there is a corner where it is possible to cook the vegetables that have just been harvested and enjoy a genuine meal. You can also take a break to read or contemplate the surroundings and listen to the sounds that come from the woods nearby. 

A practical activity that we offer our guests who are interested in establishing a more intimate rapport with Mother Earth involves getting their hands into the dirt to cultivate and create a special relationship with the element from which we all came. 

Because of the heat, the summer can be too difficult and strenuous to work in the soil. However, from November to March, from this perspective it is perfect. The garden becomes a mysterious and unexpected place. Many people think that the garden will be empty, but we are able to cultivate all year round thanks to the greenhouse that allows us to protect our plants in the coldest days of the year. 

During this time of year, we can organize one, two, or multiple days dedicated to the garden, depending on the interests of our guests. The activity of gardening during the winter can be organized to be more or less strenuous, based on the desires and aims of the participants, because spending time in the garden is good for the soul.

Or, following the philosophy of our winter offer, we can leave the activity of gardening to spontaneous moments if and when we are attracted by the allure of the earth. We can decide when to garden depending on the season, the type of work that that season requires, the level of ripeness of the vegetables, and on many other factors that the natural cycle imposes.