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Concert, exhibitions and home cinema

During the months from November to March in the vicinity of Villa Ferraia there are music concerts (sometimes jazz), modern art exhibits, and other interesting cultural happenings, very often occuring with little notice or information provided ahead of time. In the summer the influx of tourists push the event organizers to be more precise in their programming and to choose a more commercially motivated selection of events. But in the winter months the selection is more authentic because it is based on the inhabitants who live here year-round and not on the visiting tourists.

Especially perfect for those people who appreciate the flexibility of our winter offer , is the possibility of participating in the musical and artistic events of our local area in an impromptu fashion. This is perhaps the best activity that lends itself to our project of, “Being in Siena and doing what the Sienese do”.

This activity is therefore difficult to plan ahead. For those that love to plan their vacation in detail ahead of time we can send, based on the period in which the guest has reserved the Villa during the winter season, an initial list of events that have already been programmed ahead of time. We recommend however, especially considering what we have already discussed, to leave us the freedom to propose events, exhibitions and concerts that could arise at a later date or while you are on the property.

In the case that one evening there is nothing in particular guests want to do outside the villa, which can happen to people from the area as well as visitors, there is always the comfortable home cinema of the Villa to enjoy. Here it is possible to watch rare films from the Golden Age of Italian cinema with subtitles in English. These films, from the Neorealism period, portray the realities, virtues, and vices of the Italian working class with irony and sometimes cruelty.