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Astronomical observatory

Consciousness, the delight and damnation of humankind, can never reach its full potential if we don’t raise our eyes to the sky. It is not necessary to be an astronomer to enjoy the limpid winter evenings or late afternoons for stargazing.

The period from November to March is the best time to use our astronomical observatory and admire the night sky. It is even more interesting during this period than in the summer because of the sheer variety of visible celestial bodies and clarity of the air.

Villa Ferraia has a professional observatory of the highest level  allowing our guests to take part in the activity of astronomical observation directly on the property. During a stay at our Villa we can organize ahead of time one or two nights dedicated to this activity that reconnects us with the highest part of ourselves. Or, instead, following the philosophy of our winter offer, we can wait for the right moment or occasion to arise from the weather and the motion of the stars to create an impromptu experience.

Each week an amateur bilingual astronomer comes to speak about the infinite mysteries of the sky, but we could also invite experts that can speak about mythology or the history of the discovery of the skies. For lovers of astronomy, it can also be very exciting to visit Florence where on display, among other rarities, is the telescope that was used by Galileo when he revolutionized the theories of his time, incurring the wrath of the powerful people of his era.

Without a doubt we will learn new names that perhaps we will forget, but what we will never forget is the feeling that everything around us is relative and immense, or immensely small.